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Legacy Discs

Legacy Discs is the culmination of over 60 years of combined professional disc golf experience. 60 years? Yeah, 60 years. Every company has a story of how it began, and we do too, however to really appreciate the story, you have to know whom Legacy Discs is and why it had to be created. It was nearly 30 years ago when two brothers met this game we all love. When they were only 7 and 11 respectively, JR Rico took his sons with him to play a round at a relatively new permanent course in Sylmar, CA, one that was featured at the 1982 Disc Golf World Championships. Within three years these two “kids” were traveling and schooling most golfers around the Western U.S. It was during this time, the “Golden Age” of disc golf, when kids were getting a first look at a sport that had been mainly played by adults.

Together our lives have been enriched through this growing sport, giving us the greatest experiences across the country, internationally and most importantly personally. In 30 years, we’ve meet great people, great mentors, great competitors and numerous life-long friends. The sport has grown exponentially from its true grass roots beginnings to become a worldwide sport played by true professional athletes. As players, tournament directors and all around promoters of the sport, we have been intimately involved with many of the world’s largest tournaments for the world’s best players. We promised ourselves that we would forever embrace this sport and the competition by making it an integral part of our lives. Legacy Discs is the realization of this promise.

In the not too distant past, at the Annual Southwestern Team Disc Golf Invitational, held in San Diego, CA, we found ourselves discussing plastic with several of the top players in the world. Those discussions centered around one idea: players wanted discs that current manufacturers were unwilling to provide. At that moment, Legacy’s seed was born. Historically, disc manufacturers have not allowed players to design what they want, they have been unwilling to work collaboratively with respect to player sponsorship, and ultimately, they have left most professional athletes in this sport feeling as if they wanted something more.

Legacy Discs is that something more. We founded this company with goal of obtaining player input on exactly what they want to throw and utilizing that input to create a player designed and researched line of plastic that answers the call of THE PLAYER. Over the last several months, Steve has been beating the input out of many touring professionals, with the ultimate goal of creating player designed discs that will elevate the games of the best in the world to even newer heights. It seems logical to us that the best players in the world would be the first place to start when attempting to create the best plastic in the sport.

Join us and Play With Confidence! Legacy Discs

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