About Us

Top Link Disc Golf Supply Co. 

Top Link Disc Golf was founded by Ryan in 2018 and is located in Barrie, ON, Canada. Prior to moving to Barrie, Ryan’s local course was E.T. Seton in Toronto. At Seton, there was a local guy who would sit at the park with his “Chiquita Banana” box filled with factory seconds and misprints, selling plastic for cheap. There was no such person in Barrie to buy discs from, there was no place to touch and feel plastic before purchasing. Top Link started out by purchasing small amounts off the guy in Seton and bringing them to the clubs that did not have any such person available. Driven by the passion Ryan had for the development of the sport, and knowing the importance of touch and feel plastic, we watched the selection of discs grow and grow. As people requested more plastic, the selection of what was available grew. 

Throughout our first season, our disc selection grew exponentially. Innova was the first company to recognize the number of discs being sold and offered to let us go direct. This legitimized Top Link as a business and propelled us forward from car trunk salesman. We started driving to tournaments throughout Ontario every weekend and working with TDs to increase the draw of their events.  

At the start of the 2019 season, Top Link purchased Disc Sports Canada and The Ultimate Disc Golf Store, a wholesale company with national level sales. This year was a maintenance year for sure! Disc Sports Canada was in need of significant updating, and the relationships The Ultimate Discs Store had cultivated early on to get disc sports in Canada to the place it is today were in need of some new love and passion for the games. 

Top Link 100% stands behind bringing cost effective, touch-and-feel plastic to Canadians from coast to coast. No longer is Top Link a single-person show, but it is now a large and diverse community who are all working towards growing disc sports in Canada. From its inception Top Link was a team working with anyone and everyone. 

Top Link now supplies multiple schools, clubs, and camps at locations in almost every region in Canada. Top Link supplies and supports 20+ retail locations from Nova Scotia to Vancouver Island. We are always trying to build the relationships between the local retailers and clubs. Retail locations play an important role in growing disc golf in the community. Families and the next generation will never start to play the game we love if they do not see that starter set hanging on the wall in the local store. Getting the local clubs to work with the local retailers is a priority for Top Link. Online vendors will always offer cheaper prices, but there is a cost for convenience and touch-and-feel plastic. Going into a store that has set hours and a shop keeper working behind a till cost more than online. We understand the prices of the local stores are more, but it is a necessary cost to keep the touch-and-feel alive and growing in the local area.

We believe in customer service and providing an experience when shopping with us. This holds true whether you are visiting us online, or attending one of our many on-site events. We look forward to helping more people discover a love for disc sports and watching the community grow across Canada!