Champion Boss

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  • Distance Driver
  • Distance Driver
  • Flight Characteristics
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Distance Driver

speed - glide - turn - fade 

13 - 5 - -1 - 3

Currently holds the Distance World Record (255 Meters) thrown by David Wiggins Jr. Designed for maximum distance off the tee. Great disc choice for sidearm or backhand throwers.

This is a fast stable driver that can handle full power throws and moderate headwinds. Advanced players and sidearm throwers will appreciate the dependable stability. The Boss has a slight high speed turn to help maximize distance with a predictable fade. David Wiggins Jr. used a Blizzard Boss to set the World Record for the longest throw. The Champion Boss is endorsed by 2008 World Champion, Dave Feldberg.

Gregg Hosfeld

I've come within a few feet of my all-time personal best in distance throwing the Champion Boss...against the wind.

Dave Feldberg

The Boss is my favorite disc for distance shots. It gives me the distance and control to perform my best in tournament play. It has elevated my distance game. It works great for skip shots, low shots, high shots and any kind of disc golf shot you throw. Try the Boss, it will get to the basket first!

Diameter: 21.2 cm

Available Plastics: Star, Champion, Blizzard Champion, Pro, R-Pro, DX
Weight Range:

  • Star:167-175g
  • Champion:172-175g
  • Blizzard:130-159g
  • Pro: 165-175g
  • R-Pro: 135-164g
  • DX: 151-175g

Best Choice for:

  • Power Players.
  • Sidearm Throws.
  • Fast, long distance off the tee.


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