I-Dye Champion Dominator

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  • Distance Driver
  • Distance Driver
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Distance Driver

speed - glide - turn - fade 

13 - 5 - -1 - 2

A speed 13 model designed to be a long line, shot shaping distance driver for advanced players.

The Dominator is a speed 13 plus distance driver designed to give the best of control and long line shaping for higher power players. Similar to the Katana, with more high speed stability, the Dominator has the glide to maximize distance with a predictable turn. Lower power players will be able to use the Dominator in weights down to the mid 150s in Blizzard plastic.

Eric Friedman

The Beast has quickly become a favorite of mine. MY USE RANGE: 280-400ft. Very versatile disc...Flick or RHBH! My main use for it is the big "S" turn shot to usually dodge trees up the middle. This thing dodges trees like nothin! Glides well & is VERY accurate! 

Barry Schultz

A very controllable driver, yet it's so fast it makes a great distance disc. I usually carry 2-3 Beasts depending on the course and weather. I tend to use a durable Champion Beast in the woods, and a DX Beast when it is cold/wet or at an open course.


Available Plastics:Blizzard

Weight Range:

  • Blizzard: 155-175g

Best Choice for:

  • Predictable distance
  • Shot shaping drives
  • Forehand drives



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