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About UltiCards  

UltiCards is a collection of strategies, skills, and drills aimed to help you improve your Ultimate game. 

They were designed by top club players with over 30 years of experience playing and coaching Ultimate. 

UltiCards are for players, teams, leagues, and schools looking to develop the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the sport. From fundamental skills to advanced strategies, UltiCards are designed to make it easy to practice specific skills and elements of Ultimate.

If followed, they will help you improve your game. 

We made UltiCards to help you improve your Ultimate game by providing organized access to top level knowledge and experience. Whether you are learning to play beginner Ultimate or you are an experienced Ultimate player - UltiCards have something for you. 

Each deck contains 54 cards broken down into various categories. 

Each drill card contains a key indicating how many discs you need and how many players we recommend for each drill. They also tell you which skills each drill will work on. Use the drills with a couple friends or in full team practices and warmups. 

Get a deck today, and take your game to the next level.